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Latest News from Eva World

Hello I am back from Japan and I had a fantastic time. ( Thanks Mio, Quyen, Emi, and Kaya for looking after me over there ). Sorry for the delayed photos, I have been jet lagged, and being a busy bee as usual. Photos are up. If you have been to Japan before, see if you can recognise those places.

Amazing triple win for Raging Dragons!! We won the biggest Chinese Dragonboat event of the year - the Chinatown Lions event.. Hurray!
If you are in Canary Wharf on Thursday 7th of August, look out for us in the Canary Wharf Dragonboat Challenge, in Middle Dock, outside Canary Wharf Station, at 6pm.

Congratulations to Jing and Van on their engagement.

Congratulations to Chris and Kieu on their engagement.




Konnichi wa...! I am finally going over to Japan to visit my friends and explore the country in 9 days, which isn't much but won't be my last trip there. I'm very lucky to have a few friends to look after me over there.
As usual photos will follow, please check out my calendar for my itinery.

Results from Dorney Lake Chung Wah Association Dragonboat Event on the 8th of June. YES! We gained the victory during a turbulent day of events - one boat capsized and a show tent collapsed when a gale hit the lake, injuring a Lion Dance member. We also won a trophy for the fastest time of the day.
Photos here.

Well, we have a third event coming up.
13th July, Chinatown Lions + UKFCS organised event. THIS IS THE BIG ONE and probably the most important event of the year since all the major Chinese teams will be participating. Put this one in your diary if you haven't already done so.
Location: Docklands Sailing and Watersport Centre - (venue and directions)

Anyone for Tennis? Having been inspired by Wimbledon season and the great outdoor weather, I've taken it up every weekend with a professional coach/buddy - Phil, cheers, and some regular tennis buddies..

Finally, thanks to all my friends who came along to celebrate my Birthday at Babble Bar on the 5th of July! Check out the snaps on the link below:



OK the following photos are up:

Jason Wat's Birthday bash @ Zoo Bar on Bank Holiday Sunday 25-05-03 Click here
Rotary Dragon Boat Festival Sunday 18-05-03 Click here

We are set for the next race at Dorney Lake near Slough on June 8th. Wish me luck! Check back here for the result and the photos.

Tennis! I am learning, coach says I have potential. And a soft touch which is advantageous.
Starting Salsa in mid-June. This time I managed to get enrolled. Hey there is still room for a few more, email me if you are interested.



So many things have happened recently.

First of all, my dragon boat team "Raging Dragons" have won The Docklands Rotary Dragon Boat Festival !!!! What a Triumph!!!!
Well done team! Special thanks to Avon, Daniel, Sam, Amy, Jason and team family and close friends' support!!!

Jason Wat had a massive birthday party this month at the Zoo bar. Great party and we all had loads of fun....then some of us went on to clubbing at the MOS for the "Frantic party" that was wicked!

All Photos are coming soon, pls keep checking back for my albums.



Hi All, welcome to version 2, relaunched on the 28th April 2003!

So what have i been up to recently, you may ask...
Keeping fit and eating healthily has been one of my priorities in the last couple of months

I was planning to go back to HK this summer, but plans have changed so will attempt to catch up with everyone in my part of the world

Salsa Dancing - I will be learning to Salsa in June. Anyone interested?
If so let me know
(Sorrie Mei and Sylvia and Lai, I missed enrollment for this month as it was fully booked. The classes are very popular)

Partied hard at Chris' and 3xMikes' birthday do at the Waterfront Bar a few weekends ago
Happy Birthday Chris!!!
Filmed some of the debauchery and other naughty goings on with Simon's camcorder.
He has since made the footage into a VCD
Actually, you can find a few of the snaps in my photo album... click here to jump straight to it

We are training up for our Dragon Boat Race on the 18th of May! This is a yearly event held by Rotary International and we are raising funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care
One...Two...One...Two... Gambatte!! Comon Alan, Wan paddle faster!

Keep checking back for news!