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Welcome to Eva's Homepage
~~serendipitous ~ cheeky ~ sublime ~ sensitive~~
Greetings to my world. Hope you enjoy your stay. On this website you will find out a little about me.
And when you are done, please sign my guestbook and tell me your thoughts.

Latest shouts from me: 14-01-2003

My online photo album:
Share ID: 204611
Password: 70334

Latest 2 photos additions:
Chinese New Year Party at The Bridge
A little pi$$ up at On Anon

I have the Quaglino's photos up, click here

The VCD of the Engagement Party is out!

Anybody who wants a copy, please let me know........

Due to rapidly diminishing web server space and bandwidth miserlyness, I have had no choice but to put all future photos onto an external online photo album. I have uploaded the most recent photos to this online facility:

You can view my album by going to the website and entering the codes as shown above

Please note that as I add more photos to the album, the Share ID and password codes will change. I will post the codes on this page as and when they change.
Sign my Guestbook if you have any comments, don't forget. Thanks.


Hi all, I'm now working at Conran Group.

But the Main news is that.......

Me and Simon recently got engaged in September 2002.
No dates on the big day yet, but will let everybody know when the time comes. Watch this space.

We had a small dinner a Quaglino's and had a large party afterwards! Click here for the photos.

The E party was at The Langley in Covent Garden on the 20th October 2002. Click here to check out the photos
It was a fantastic night out at The Langley (thanks guys) with a hugeeeee turnout and got trashed with the aid of the Low sisters!!!
Thanks to all those who came to celebrate with us and made us feel special that night.

And thanks for all your pressies and cards.

Very special thanks to ALAN CHOW for putting up with my bossiness and being referred to only as "cameraman" towards the end of the night. (Bummin, as Simon would say, Malay would be proud)

For those people who did not manage to sign our Guestbook that night, please feel free to sign my online guestbook, click on the link below.
Or just sign it anyway.

THOSE who did not turn up..... I'm sure you can arrange a meet up some other time.
(Thanks Helen & John for that expensive meal @ Royal China! We got stuffed ;P)

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